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[The Energy Restoring Foot Pad] Are your customers interested in a product that provides drug-free therapy for everything from simple fatigue to circulatory problems and can be used in the comfort of their homes and offices? That's exactly what the Energy Restoring Foot Pad offers.

Based on the well-established therapeutic practice of reflexology, the Energy Restoring Foot Pad is attractively designed in blue rubber in the shape of a pair of feet and is dotted with durable bumps of various sizes for an invigorating foot massage.

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It's easy to use -- your body's own weight does the massaging for you. A user-friendly chart shows you which pressure points on your feet correspond with various organs and body parts, allowing you to target those areas for maximum relief. Your customers can use the pad at home, under their desks at work, in an airplane or in the shower/bath, and it folds away for easy storage when not in use.

Other products that claim to offer reflexology foot treatments are just bumpy mats -- they have no real therapeutic value. By contrast, the Energy Restoring Foot Pad is designed to accurately and effectively target specific pressure points, offering relief for everything from headaches and tension to arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Key features of the product for distributors include:

Professionally designed packaging in eye-catching colours, with a simple hook that makes it easy to display.
Wholesale unit prices.
Volume discounts available.
Product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
Retailers will be prominently featured on product website and in display advertising in select publications.

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