About The Inventor

After years of pain and having my lifestyle change, out of desperation, I invented the Energy Restoring Foot Pad to help me deal with my full-blown fibromyalgia and symptoms of feeling tired and arthritis and hearing ringing in my ears (tinnitus). Using my Energy Restoring Foot Pad on a daily basis has made a difference in my life.


Before my accident, I studied the principles of reflexology and learned that by using these principles, they can help to restore our body’s natural self-curative abilities.


I have talked and felt more feet of people than I ever thought was possible and I enjoyed every minute of it. While demonstrating my foot pad, I was overwhelmed and excited by people of all different backgrounds with various illnesses who have used my foot pad and wrote to me about how using my product made a difference in their lives.


One special demonstration that I will never forget is the one where a lady came over to me and asked if she could sit down and try out my foot pad. I said, "Of course.


She had only sat down and applied pressure to the bottom of her feet by using the Energy Restoring Foot Pad. She then looked up and said: "I have to go.


I said, OK. She said, No...I really have to go. I have not gone to the washroom for a bowel movement in 4 days.

I thought, Boy, I never thought my foot pad would send someone to the washroom that fast.


The lady then returned and she was much happier. She said, Your foot pad really works. I suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis) and people with MS, like myself, lose feeling in our feet and suffer from circulation problems. You have a great product here and I want to invite you to our support group, as we need your product.


I was invited to attend the MS (multiple sclerosis) support group and I was able to help some people with my products. This has been an incredible venture for me. I love sharing my stories. What’s even more exciting is that I love to hear that my Energy Restoring Foot Pad has made someone feel better.

Sharon Gordon
Designer and Inventor: “The Energy Restoring Foot Pad.”